Monday, January 11, 2010

some like it sweet part 2

After my last post of little sweet things, I realized there was some crucial cuteness I had bypassed. So I decided to do part two, and showcase those yummy little wonders. I'm not gonna lie, I have a penchant for cupcakes and cherries.

Here we have my recipe book. It's got plastic holders for all my recipe cards, as well as long pages for longer recipes. Its really quite cute. It's only about a sixth of the way full, but I'm increasing my collection over time. Only the very best gets a place in here.

Here's a sweet cherry magnet I got in my stocking this year. Now take a deep breath before you scroll down...

The most adorable *mini* spatulas, complete with cuppycakes!!! Winners how I love you for supplying my mother with these to put in my stocking.

Lastly, is a project I completed last month. I can't take credit for the canvas bag, I've had it for some time, but I did design the cute cupcake that I ironed on, and then stitched into place. I love the blob of pink fabric frosting, and the heart cherry on top. Oh, as for the sprinkles...thos are sweet vintage buttons I picked up for a dime. All I have to say is better with sweets. Even if you can only look at them...not eat them...

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