Saturday, January 30, 2010

February is heart month

Isn't Valentine just too cute (unfortunately she's probably bacon by now, I know I didn't eat her). So you may already be aware that February is indeed heart month, or the month for heart & stroke awareness. I was reading the latest issue of SHAPE magazine the other night, and came across an article about lessening our risk factors for heart disease.

Well, the article got me thinking about how I had allowed my good habits to decline. And I began wondering what sort of affect this was having on my heart. I asked my Mum about our family history, and if heart disease or strokes were scattered in there. I have an uncle who suffered a stroke on my father's side, but that was it as far as we knew.

So my genetic risk factors seem fairly low. But I know genetics aren't the only factors. My day to day choices today will affect how well my ticker works in ten-twenty-fifty years. Should I be proactive, or reactive?

I hope the answer to that is clear. So after much thought and rereading of the article, I decided to make some positive changes. Mum and I made an agreement to try to eat our healthiest for one month. Now, we don't eat horrible anyway, but there are some processed foods that maybe should be less frequent in our home. I was surprised that Mum was so willing to accept the challenge, but she is totally up for it (after all she's not the one addicted to her nightly bowl of ice cream...that is my own demon to face).
The great thing is we've planned out the month's meals. We've found that making up meal schedules ahead of time, makes a huge difference in the quality of the food we eat (no lazy pizza or fries), and the grocery bill gets affected for better (less food wastage, and its cheaper because we don't run to the store and just pick up anything frequently). I'm excited to cook meals every night, some old, some new recipes. I'll be certain to document a few of the new vegetarian ones we'll make.

So think about YOUR heart this month, and give it a little lovin. I'll be writing more about the topic througout the month.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Esty Shop

Finally...After an entire summer of saying I was going to do it, I've finally gone and done it!! My shop, Daisy*Kisses, is finally up and running on I am just sooo excited, and really quite relieved. You can find it by clicking here, or it will always be in the sidebar under My Other Pages.

For the past few months its been somewhat frustrating every time someone would ask me "So what are you doing these days" and I would explain what I was working towards, but I felt like I had nothing to show for it. Now I can finally say I make and sell jewelry (and soon other handicrafts), and then easily direct them to my shop website.

Hopefully you like what I have to offer. I absolutely love the creative process of finding neat pieces to work with, and then putting them together into something wearable. Some of my pieces use chain, and lots of it, others use recycled jewelry from broken or unwanted pieces, and others use silk cording. I'd have to say the silk cording is my favourite media to work with, as it seems to be something you don't see much.

It really has so much potential though, for both casual and fancier jewelry. I wanted to get all my jewelry posted first, and perhaps in the coming weeks I'll start posting some of the other things I've made. Now that all this jewelry is ready to go, I'm eager to start working on the next batch. What sells first or gets favourites will be a good indicator of what ya'll (that's right I said it) are looking for, and while I will try and cater to the market, I still want to be creative and make sure that my pieces are inspiring to me as well! Thank you for all of your support in reading my blog and encouraging me towards accomplishing this dream of mine!



Monday, January 25, 2010

shop banner

So I finally got around to designing a banner for my etsy shop today. I'm certainly no graphic artist as is quite obvious, but I still wanted to give it a try for myself. After playing about with the program, I managed to create something I was fairly pleased with.

I wanted something that seemed a little bit vintage & unique. The background is a dictionary type definition of Daisy*Kisses in alphabetic form. What do you think? Do you like it? Let me know what you think.

In other shop news, I'm in the process of uploading listings to the shop, and will activate them once they are all done. Its a time consuming process to a newbie like me, but its not broken my enthusiasm yet. Items will be available on a Grand Opening day...which will be this week....Some time. ^^

Thursday, January 21, 2010


For Christmas this year I sent my friend Steph, a couple pieces of jewelry I had designed just for her. Because I am unashamedly proud of this piece, I wanted to feature it here on my blog.

The silver swirly pieces were purchased at Michael's one day. I thought they were so darn pretty, but I had no idea what I would do with them; just one of those, had to have things. When inspiration finally came, it came in this form and Mum says its her favourite piece that I've created yet.

The pearls, both small and large, were repurposed from other pieces of jewelry I had thrifted. I was originally going to use silver chain to hang it from, but felt that the design was too delicate to add chain to. So i experimented with ribbon, and boy was I happy with the result!

Hope you've enjoyed this little taste of what is to come in the shop. My shop is there on etsy, but as of yet has no listings. Its taking more work then I had realized to get things organized and set up. When it is finally open, you'll be able to find my work at

Thanks for popping in and have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

journal tutorial

I love journaling. I have kept a journal sincen I was about eight years old. There were times when I would go months without writing, and other times where I wrote every single day. I find it therapeutic to jot down my thoughts and feelings at the end of the day. As I have quite a collection of filled journals, all catalogues of different periods of my life, choosing a journal is important to me. I always try and choose something that is a reflection of what I'm into at that point in my life. Some have been vintage, others puppies, and some older ones were movie/tv show ones.

As my current pink doggie journal has only five pages left, it was time for a new one. I searched for a month at all my favourite places, Chapters & Winners, Wal-Mart and even dollar stores. I could not find a journal that spoke to me. Finally one day I saw a plain notebook at Superstore. I looked at it and saw potential! I decorated it myself and am so pleased! Here's the tutorial on what I did.

Here's the chipboard notebook. It has a cute cut-out heart on the cover but is otherwise boring.

I chose these gorgeous scrapbook papers, they've got newsprint with green and pink swirls and patterns. I measured the cover and used a rotary cutter to trim the paper to the right size.

Make certain the pages fit as best as possible. I didn't want to touch the coils which would keep it from turning nicely.

I didn't like the neon pink page inside, so I tore it out, and cut a pretty piece of cream & pink polka-dot paper.

I used double-sided photo mounts in the corners of this page, and then glued it really well all around. Then stick it to the first page.

Now, to stick the paper on the covers, I used clear decoupage finish. It works as both a glue and a glaze.

Using a foam brush (these apply the finish more evenly than a paintbrush) apply a thin layer of decoupage finish. I say thin, because you don't want to get your paper soggy. Put the finish directly onto the cover, not the back of the paper.

Line up the paper and smooth it out. You don't want any bubbles.

Now when I did the front cover, remember the cut-out heart? Once I had glued the paper on with the decoupage finish, I allowed it to dry and then used a knife to carefully cut out the heart. it was a little jagged, but I think it gives it character.

On a small piece of the polka-dot paper, I stamped a pretty monogram. I bought this stamp for $1.50 at Michael's. Afterwards, I mounted this square, onto a green square with glue, so it would stand out, and yet the colours would still be cohesive with the other paper.

On the first page, I stamped a pretty bordered box. I like to write down the date and details when I start a new journal. Plus I just love stamping and embellishing.

Speaking of embellishments, I added two types of ribbon, using a hot glue gun to apply them. But first, you need to use your decoupage finish to paint a thin layer over the top of each page. So for mine it was front & back covers, and inside of each. Leave it for ten minutes, and glaze it again. Then it will be shiny & won't budge. So then add your ribbons. I then glued down the squares with the monogram, and on top of that, hot glued on some pretty coordinating buttons.

And that's it, my pretty journal is personalized and waiting to hold my deepest secrets. Hopefully this tutorial has been helpful to you, and inspired you to add your own pesonal touch to things. I promise its easy, despite how long this tutorial seemed.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! It really makes me happy to feel part of an online community. All of your thoughts are welcome and appreciated and you can leave a comment below, or email me. Also, be sure to follow my blog, and vote in the poll.

Friday, January 15, 2010

site love

These days I am much too poor to be able to afford to buy magazines (thank goodness I have one prepaid subscrition). While I do love turning the pages in my hand, and ripping out the glossy pictures for inspiration, I have found that a website can be almost (very nearly) as good as the magazine.

Cue, Country Living. Adorable magazine, super amazing website! I spent hours after I found it, just, browsing through every article they had posted. Soooo many amazing ideas for home decorating, restoring, upcycling, and cooking. My project list grew exponentially in the time that I was browsing. I've already started a couple, and others are waiting patiently in line for me to find the perfect pieces to make them.

Here are a few of my favourite things (all of which are on my to do list) :
Isn't this picture frame board pretty? Before I had even found the site, I had a project like this in the works. The frame is painted, I just need to buy the corkboard and frabric to make it prettiful, and then hang it in my room.
I must admit, I have a thing for old framework. I am so in love with this shelf idea. Again...Must go thrift an ornate wood frame soon.

I thought these candles were just the bees knees! I would love to try my hand at candle making, and I think vintage tea tins make them perfect for gifts! I predict that Value Village will be seeing alot of me soon.

And, as per usual, I save the best for last. As if vintage china plates weren't beautiful enough on their own, then you go adding sentiments or quotes and arrange them on your wall, and they are just that much more amazing! Needless to say, this is the project I am most excited about. Right now I have a huge poster of the Eiffel tower on display, but I can see that coming down to make way for an inspiring collection of vintage plates.
I just love the personal touch of doing something yourself, thrifting and repurposing. There is truth in the saying that "Everything old is new again" . If you're looking for more wonderful ideas (these really are just the tip of the iceberg) check out, or click the post title which will link you to their site.
Let me know what projects you're working on, and share any ideas that you may have; I'm always looking to expand my repurposing idea book. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
p.s. - I'm tinkering around with the layout of the blog, so if you find it changing frequrntly, just bear with me.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Recently I've been seeing alot of stylish ladies wearing very stylish hats on flickr! I've always admired hats, and wished I wore them more often. Some are for looks and some are for practicality, and some, thank the heavens, do double duty. So I decided to share with you, those hats (and the ladies who don them) which inspire me most.

AnaBita here has been my inspiration for wearing berets. They are just made for her, really. Go check out her flickr page, here to see more and be as inspired as I am. And can I just say that I love her hair, the side swept bangs and those gentle pieces that frame her face are perfect for wearing hats.

When I saw Rachel wearing this gorgeous crocheted number, I was gushing my praise. How sweet is it? The colour, that large groovy flower? So perfect. She collects and sells quality vintage wears through her etsy shop. I highly encourage you to check out her flickr page, which will also lead you to her Etsy shop, here

Now see here, Andrea has her own collection of amazing hats. One of the ones I was fell most in love with, was this gorgeous red cloche. Check out the huge red bow that adds such charm to it! So perfect. How could you feel anything but chic in such a hat as this? See more of her wonderful hats on her flickr page, here .

Lastly I wanted to highlight my friend Steph, now it should be noted that they're just going into their summer weather this time of year, so her hat serves the purpose of keeping the sun off her face. I just love how she has paired the straw gondola style hat with that flowy white dress and superstar shades. So lovely. She has at least two or three other hats she has been wearing under the sun recently too, so I reccomend you check out her flikr page here, .

So there you have the hats that I'm loving right now. I have got to find me a couple more of my own, so I can start looking as pulled together as these ladies. Hope you enjoyed and found some inspiration for yourself. Let me know what you think!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

loafin' it

I woke up today with the desire to make my own bread. There is just something special about getting up early, rolling up ones sleeves and getting to work on bread, which is sure to warm the house and offer a delicious aroma to the air.

I've got to hand it to women who were making bread (or who still do) without bread machines or KitchenAids. We have neither of those oh so convenient tools, and thus, I did all 250 kneads by hand. Using part whole wheat flour seems to make the dough a little tougher, and therefore requires more effort. I felt I had worked up a sweat first thing in the morning. But for the sake of the end result, I loved it!

I decided to do two loaves in the french style, thicker than baguettes, but still sort of free form. I had googled bread glazes this morning, and rather than use the usual egg wash that Mum's recipe called for, I chose to use olive oil. Look at the nice golden-brown crust it offered, and the oil added a hint of mediterranean sweetness to boot. I glazed it before and after it went in the oven.

Nearly as soon as it came out, Mum cut into it and we taste tested...Verdict, nothing beats homemade bread. Also, be sure to vote in the new poll and leave any comments or questions you may have! Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, January 11, 2010

some like it sweet part 2

After my last post of little sweet things, I realized there was some crucial cuteness I had bypassed. So I decided to do part two, and showcase those yummy little wonders. I'm not gonna lie, I have a penchant for cupcakes and cherries.

Here we have my recipe book. It's got plastic holders for all my recipe cards, as well as long pages for longer recipes. Its really quite cute. It's only about a sixth of the way full, but I'm increasing my collection over time. Only the very best gets a place in here.

Here's a sweet cherry magnet I got in my stocking this year. Now take a deep breath before you scroll down...

The most adorable *mini* spatulas, complete with cuppycakes!!! Winners how I love you for supplying my mother with these to put in my stocking.

Lastly, is a project I completed last month. I can't take credit for the canvas bag, I've had it for some time, but I did design the cute cupcake that I ironed on, and then stitched into place. I love the blob of pink fabric frosting, and the heart cherry on top. Oh, as for the sprinkles...thos are sweet vintage buttons I picked up for a dime. All I have to say is better with sweets. Even if you can only look at them...not eat them...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

charmed thrifting

Today Mum and I stopped into Value Village to see if we could find anything. And we did. I found some great little charms on various chains. Some were such a decent price I picked them up immediately...Others were well...outrageously priced for second hand charms but I gave in and bought them too.

I found a sweet little goldtone daisy charm, a must have for me. A cute itsty-bitsy rainbow, which I will use on some piece for my etsy shop (soon to be opening I swear, I'm in the process of organizing all the last minute details now). The one I could not pass up despite its price, a vintage telephone! Hello awesomeness, thanks for calling! And lastly were some sweet vintage bows; cause they were sweet.

So what do you think? Mega cute right? I also managed to find the perfect frame for a project I've had in mind for a while. I'll post that one later, when I show you what its being upcycled into.

Thanks for visiting my humble little blog. I've recently photographed & created a new header, what do you think? Also, be sure to check out the latest poll and place your vote! Thanks so much. xx

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

couture photography

So my good friend who just recently celebrated her birthday (27 gf, whooo!) told me she was dabbling in photography, and wanted to pursue it more seriously. She sent me the link to a collection of work she had done, and I was so amazed!!

I am so proud of her for going after this dream. I just had to showcase a few of my favourite photos here. The one above is my absolute favourite. Amsterdam....Look at all those cool bikes!

This gorgeous ceiling shot is somewhere in Dubai.

And these last two, are pictures she snapped during the big opening celebration of the Burj in Dubai. Its the tallest skyscraper in the world now!

Kayla, your work is amazing and you know I totally love you. (and miss you for being half way across the world from me). Consider this a belated birthday gift.

You can find her site here, to see more gorgeous pics she has taken. As she goes after her dream, I am going to continue posting my favourite shots here, so stay tuned!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

birthday card

It's the birthday of one of my best friends soon. I decided to get her a gas gift card, something useful for any driver. My Mum pitched in also, because my friend looks after our cat when we go to my sister's place (she's cared for Fiona two long weekends in December).

I used some of my fun stamps. I wanted it to have a sweet, yet edgy appeal.

Instead of a standard card, I decided on a trifold style. Yay...more stamps and punches!

And the middle section. More cute stamps and a little red pocket to slide the gift card into.

And on the back, there is my logo, for my soon to open Etsy shop. daisy.k.creations. Yay!