Tuesday, January 5, 2010

couture photography

So my good friend who just recently celebrated her birthday (27 gf, whooo!) told me she was dabbling in photography, and wanted to pursue it more seriously. She sent me the link to a collection of work she had done, and I was so amazed!!

I am so proud of her for going after this dream. I just had to showcase a few of my favourite photos here. The one above is my absolute favourite. Amsterdam....Look at all those cool bikes!

This gorgeous ceiling shot is somewhere in Dubai.

And these last two, are pictures she snapped during the big opening celebration of the Burj in Dubai. Its the tallest skyscraper in the world now!

Kayla, your work is amazing and you know I totally love you. (and miss you for being half way across the world from me). Consider this a belated birthday gift.

You can find her site here, http://klaaspice.tumblr.com/page/1 to see more gorgeous pics she has taken. As she goes after her dream, I am going to continue posting my favourite shots here, so stay tuned!


  1. tb!! LOVE YA girl!!! thanks for the encouragement! you are a dear! xoxox

  2. I could seriously use your photog skills here right now. I'm taking pics of all the jewelery I'm going to sell on Etsy. But I am sooo not a photographer and they're not as good as I wish they were....

  3. That first shot is soooo adorable and what a cool ceiling! Very exotic locations, I'm jealous!


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