Friday, January 15, 2010

site love

These days I am much too poor to be able to afford to buy magazines (thank goodness I have one prepaid subscrition). While I do love turning the pages in my hand, and ripping out the glossy pictures for inspiration, I have found that a website can be almost (very nearly) as good as the magazine.

Cue, Country Living. Adorable magazine, super amazing website! I spent hours after I found it, just, browsing through every article they had posted. Soooo many amazing ideas for home decorating, restoring, upcycling, and cooking. My project list grew exponentially in the time that I was browsing. I've already started a couple, and others are waiting patiently in line for me to find the perfect pieces to make them.

Here are a few of my favourite things (all of which are on my to do list) :
Isn't this picture frame board pretty? Before I had even found the site, I had a project like this in the works. The frame is painted, I just need to buy the corkboard and frabric to make it prettiful, and then hang it in my room.
I must admit, I have a thing for old framework. I am so in love with this shelf idea. Again...Must go thrift an ornate wood frame soon.

I thought these candles were just the bees knees! I would love to try my hand at candle making, and I think vintage tea tins make them perfect for gifts! I predict that Value Village will be seeing alot of me soon.

And, as per usual, I save the best for last. As if vintage china plates weren't beautiful enough on their own, then you go adding sentiments or quotes and arrange them on your wall, and they are just that much more amazing! Needless to say, this is the project I am most excited about. Right now I have a huge poster of the Eiffel tower on display, but I can see that coming down to make way for an inspiring collection of vintage plates.
I just love the personal touch of doing something yourself, thrifting and repurposing. There is truth in the saying that "Everything old is new again" . If you're looking for more wonderful ideas (these really are just the tip of the iceberg) check out, or click the post title which will link you to their site.
Let me know what projects you're working on, and share any ideas that you may have; I'm always looking to expand my repurposing idea book. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
p.s. - I'm tinkering around with the layout of the blog, so if you find it changing frequrntly, just bear with me.


  1. Look at you cute girl! Nice job seeing beyond the spending, You don't need the subscription. I found you from Betz White, I think. The internet is funny that way. Before you know it, you are somewhere you don't know how you got there. Don't mess with your blog, it's charming! I love the look!

  2. Thanks so much Jen!! Hope you come again. The internet is funny that way.


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