Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Recently I've been seeing alot of stylish ladies wearing very stylish hats on flickr! I've always admired hats, and wished I wore them more often. Some are for looks and some are for practicality, and some, thank the heavens, do double duty. So I decided to share with you, those hats (and the ladies who don them) which inspire me most.

AnaBita here has been my inspiration for wearing berets. They are just made for her, really. Go check out her flickr page, here to see more and be as inspired as I am. And can I just say that I love her hair, the side swept bangs and those gentle pieces that frame her face are perfect for wearing hats.

When I saw Rachel wearing this gorgeous crocheted number, I was gushing my praise. How sweet is it? The colour, that large groovy flower? So perfect. She collects and sells quality vintage wears through her etsy shop. I highly encourage you to check out her flickr page, which will also lead you to her Etsy shop, here

Now see here, Andrea has her own collection of amazing hats. One of the ones I was fell most in love with, was this gorgeous red cloche. Check out the huge red bow that adds such charm to it! So perfect. How could you feel anything but chic in such a hat as this? See more of her wonderful hats on her flickr page, here .

Lastly I wanted to highlight my friend Steph, now it should be noted that they're just going into their summer weather this time of year, so her hat serves the purpose of keeping the sun off her face. I just love how she has paired the straw gondola style hat with that flowy white dress and superstar shades. So lovely. She has at least two or three other hats she has been wearing under the sun recently too, so I reccomend you check out her flikr page here, .

So there you have the hats that I'm loving right now. I have got to find me a couple more of my own, so I can start looking as pulled together as these ladies. Hope you enjoyed and found some inspiration for yourself. Let me know what you think!


  1. Hi Katrina! This is lovely, thanks so much. I adore Archibald Maximilion's photostream, I think she's just stunning. Proud that she's a fellow Kiwi, too. :)

    A xx

  2. Thanks Katrina!! Great feature and I'm proud to be featured with such stylish ladies!

  3. Hey Katrina :)
    Great feature indeed!! Thank you :)

    AnaBita xx

  4. The pleasure was all mine ladies, thanks for agreeing to be a part of it and for visiting my blog. <3


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