Thursday, December 31, 2009

homemade crackers...

...and not the edible kind. I mean the fun, break-open-with-a-pop ones!!! Mum and I found this awesome kit at Superstore at the beginning of December, and its a make your own crackers kit. We were so excited about this. It provides you with the essentials, 6 pretty rolls, ribbons to tie the ends, paper crowns, little fun facts, and gems and stuff to decorate your crackers. All we needed now, were little prizes fit for each individual. The hunt was on and we were two very happy hunters. Now I am pretty darn sure my family are not yet aware of my blog, so it should be safe to share what we put into them.

Luckily the pack provided crackers & accessories for six, and that's exactly how many of us there would be. I picked out the yummy kinder chocolates, I just love those little treats. Mum chose Hershey caramel kisses and divvied them up for each person. Then we picked cute little scrapbooking punches for the girls and I, and gel pens too. A yummy fig melting candle for my sister, a pretty stamp and pen for my Mum, and my genius idea for my brother-in-law was all the Canadian Tire Money my Mum had been saving. Everyone's gifts were around 1.50, except for his which amounted to 8.75!!

Here you can see Mum rolling up my brother-in-law's cracker, the wad of C.T. cash rolled around his chocolate! Yum.

And the box of finished products!! Gorgeous silver and gold personalized crackers. We initialed each so we knew which cracker corresponded to each person. Hopefully these will be a big, fun surprise for the rest of the family on New Year's Eve!

Now I have a genius friend, who did one better than me. Not only could she fill her crackers with personal candies and gifts, she actually was so crafty as to construct her own crackers!! She found the sticks, the lovely things that make the pop, at Michael's. It was a huge package for about 2 dollars. She then collected up her empty toilet paper tubes. Using pretty wrapping paper, she wrapped each roll, tied one end with ribbon, filled it, inserted the popping stick, and tied off the other end. Genius no?!? I wish I had a picture to share with you, but I will definitely be doing it that way next year. What are your traditions for New Years Eve?!

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