Tuesday, December 29, 2009

winter wonderland

We woke up to a wonderful surprise this morning; overnight it had snowed and was still snowing! It was the perfect light fluffy snow, which made shovelling a heck of a lot easier than usual. And after the hard work was done, Daisy and I had a little photoshoot. Enjoy the cuteness in her denim jacket!

It was hard to keep her attention long enough to snap a shot, she couldn't resist munching on the freshly fallen snow.

Close up of the cuteness! I love the snowglobe effect of being outside while it's snowing. There were lots of flakes caught on our lashes to be sure. And yes...the jacket is fleece lined. Only the best for my girl.

I saved my favourite one for last, she looks so picturesque here. This pic is now my desktop background. I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse of cuteness as much as I have. I can not wait to scrapbook these into her album, and yes I am that crazy.

Daisy and I also want to give a shout out to our pals on the other side of the world. My friend Steph from flickr, has just added to her puppy brood. Her pup Archie now has a chug (chihuahua pug mix) sister named Gracie Scarlett!!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out!! I have them both on the couch with me at the moment. So cute!

  2. There must be so much snuggling with those two!


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