Wednesday, December 30, 2009

some like it...sweet.

Forget hot, I'm all about the sweetness. Apparently my Mum is onto that, as I found my stocking stuffed with the most delectable little gifts. I simply had to share them with you. I promise they'll satisfy your sweet tooth without a hint of pain.

I do love me some cupcakes. But a suncatcher? Yes please! Mum picked these make-your-own kits up at Michael's for me. I got to bake them in the oven and everything.

She got me cute cherries too, because these little red wonders have vintage appeal.

And two cute cuppycake journals? How sweet are those? Again, she picked these up at Michael's in the 1.50 bin.

Piece de resistance... A wee little lollipop lipbalm! It smells like yummy peppermint. That's it for sweet things in my stocking, but I've one more thing I'd like to share. A few years ago, maybe six or seven, one of my best friends got me this ornament for Christmas. It was instantly my favourite...

Can you guess why? I'm a sucker for sweets, 'nuff said.


  1. I looooove the cupcake suncatcher and cupcake journals!! They are adorable (and...methinks I'll be getting myself a cupcake tomorrow:) )

  2. Glad to indulge your sweet tooth Victoria!


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