Monday, December 28, 2009

new toy

Now I am not much of a gamer, never had much of a skill for it. As a kid I'd sit beside my brother while he played games on our original nintendo, and I'd offer my opinion when needed. As I got older, my best friend and I spent hours upon hours gaming, she played and I consulted her. Her fingers had dexterity, and my job was to figure out all the puzzles and make sense of the games. I haven't played much of anything in the past few years, just a little Star Wars Pod racing on the 64, and Zelda sometimes too.

But for Christmas this year, my sister surprised me with something just for me. A Nintendo DS lite. I'd tinkered with my nieces' ds games over the summer, and so my sister got me my very own. She got me this pretty red one. How lucky am I?

And as little actual time as I should be spending on this thing, I've managed to find the time to play Big Brain Academy, which she got for me. It makes me feel more grown up and responsible playing games that challenge the mind and help keep my brain exercised.

She also bought me USA today Puzzle Craze...which is actually pretty dang hard for me. So today, with one of my giftcards, I went and bought Crosswords...A game for DS I really enjoy playing. So addictive...

So I'll be keeping busy, and probably expanding my collection of educational games whenever I've got the extra money kicking around...Which won't be often. Thank goodness I've got a lot of work to do in Big Brain Academy to get gold medals in each category. Happy Gaming everyone!!

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