Tuesday, December 1, 2009

paper crafting

I do enjoy a good paper craft, that is for sure. Today I sat down, put on some festive tunes, and worked on my latest project. I've always wanted some sort of countdown calendar besides the fun chocolate one I get every year. (This year I decided to skip the chocolate, considering the mass of cookies I'll be making over the next month).

I googled christmas calendars, and saw alot of amazing ones. But some of them were perhaps beyond me for now, so I tried something simple. Simple though it may be, I think its super cute and I am very pleased with the results. Using cardstock, various holiday papers, stickers, glue, ribbon, mini clothespins, punches and a cutter, I created this simple yet fun holiday countdown calendar.
The whole countdown is nearly as long as my bedroom door! But here's a close up.
Every day I'll pin up another card, but with only one up today, it looks so lonely. I'm most excited about putting the last two up because you know what that means...

Hopefully you see how easy peasy paper crafting can be, and how lovely the results are. Grab a glue stick and get crafting!

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