Sunday, November 1, 2009

movies, pumpkins & puppies

So for Halloween this year, I went to my sister's place. It was my pleasure to watch a slew of movies, carve pumpkins, and escort my nieces trick or treating. (Daisy accompanied us of course).

Now here at home we have not had cable tv since I was five. And over the course of the past three years I have not watched tv at all. I may pop in a dvd a couple times a month, but that's all the tv is used for. I simply don't have time to be a slave to the tv and the contradictory messages it presents. However, its a totally different situation when at my sister's. Tv watching is like a marathon sport. While I can't totally not watch tv (that would be rude to segregate myself so much from the family) I do give in and watch some stuff.

So what did I watch? Here's a list and what I thought of them:

-Thirteen ghosts, a major halloween cheesefest

-Young Frankenstein, I've decided Gene Wilder is crazy in everything he does

-Alvin & the Chipmunks meet the Wolfman, by far the best halloween movie I saw this weekend. Those darn chipettes are just too cute!

-Halloweentown, kid's cheese, but it did have the chick who played April in the first Ninja Turtles Movie

-The Family Stone, very cute family movie

-The Proposal, way too predictable, not that entertaining for me

So I think it's obvious which movie I was most thrilled to watch. Those dang chipmunks are so lovable.

Taking my nieces trick or treating was alot fo fun this year. We had perfect weather, clear skies and it was warm too! Great night to be out walking from house to house and getting loaded with candy. Of course, I didn't get loaded, i just stole candy from the girls. But Daisy looked rather fine in her harlequin costume and glowstick necklaces (safety first!).

Here's a shot of her and the pumpkin I carved. Everyone else took like, fifteen minutes to do their pumpkins, and there I was, attempting something beyond my ability to do well. Forty-five minutes later...Here is the result. Hopefully you can at least tell what it is.

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