Friday, October 30, 2009

All Dressed Up

So there are two reasons to post about dressing up today. Firstly let's see what I wore today. Its one of the fab dresses I thrifted yesterday! I'm totally in love with the neckline on this dress. The plunging structure is very flattering. Also it layers so well, with a turtleneck during the chilly months, and a pretty camisole when it gets warmer (months away, how sad). But versatility in making a piece last through your wardrobe during four seasons is most important to a money crunched fashionista.

Now, I'm not a label checker while I thrift shop. Mostly labels don't mean much to me, if its nice then why should it matter if its Chanel or Wal-Mart? (plus we don't get alot of clothes here that come from high end designers). However I noticed this dress said Max Studio, and out of curiosity I googled it. Turns out this 'max studio' is a higher end line than what I'm used to. It makes me feel shamefully more in love with this dress.

Now, onto the real dressed up fun. Before walking 2 of my client's dogs this morning, we did a little photo shoot. The result was so cute, I could not handle it. Readers, look on at your own risk.

Penny the pekingese is dressed as a Fairy Princess, that's my Daisy in the middle as a harlequin, and Susie the terrier/chihuahua mix is a daisy (a hand me down from my Daisy's last year costume). Cuteness overload! I think so. ^^


  1. Oh my goodness! I showed my Mum this and we both thought it was so ridiculously cute!! Hilarious!

  2. this just made me want to dress my cat up for halloween aswell!

  3. I figure that our pets have as much right to join in on the costume fun. (If it doesn't bother them). Daisy is good about wearing things on her neck, but not her head.

  4. Great find in that thrifted dress!!! Such cute little ones!!! :)

  5. They are all sooo adorable!!! Great costumed little doggies :)


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