Thursday, October 29, 2009

thrifty thursday

Well it must have been over a month since I've gone to my local thrift store. I was just itching to pop in and see if I could score any new cameos for my collection. Turns out today was a good day. With crisp October temperatures and sunny skies, I took the bus across town.

Value Village was full of shoppers, no doubt looking to score the best 'unique' costumes for this weekend. It felt so good to just peruse the store, pick up anything I fancied and bring it to the dressing room for the final call.

Today, dresses seemed to be calling my name, and I tried on about ten. There were four that fit well and would make lovely additions to my closet. However...I had also found a beautiful cameo brooch that I could not leave, and two bracelets with charms I wished to upcycle for my own jewelery. It was a tough call, but I reasoned myself down to 2 dresses, the brooch and the bracelets which would be used for parts. It seemed that from those five items I would get the most bang for my buck, and that really is important when shopping on a strict budget.

The dresses will be posted soon to my flickr account no doubt, and the charms should be showing up in my designs when the shop opens. But, if you're anxious to see my fab finds, here's a sneek peek.

Cute square buttons and eiffel towers anyone?


  1. Good job on the finds! I haven't been to my local thrift store in a while.... Maybe I'll be inspired from this post and find some great dresses too! :D

  2. The charms look lovely and I look forward to seeing your dresses on future flickr posts! Congrats on the blog! All this talk of pumpkin and cupcakes is making me mighty hungry :)

  3. I wish you luck Elaine (so good to meet another lds blogger).

    And thanks Victoria!


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