Monday, November 2, 2009

polished g.i.jane

Last night I was perusing for some fashion advice. Looking for trends I might like to try or for some general wardrobe inspiration. I finally came across a slideshow from the Spring, which had a promising find.

Dressed up khakis...Who would have thought it was possible? The very nature of khaki material is extremely casual and comfortble. So how genious is it to pair something so casual with a fancy silky top? Um....pretty darn brilliant, that's what.

The picture on the left appealed to me most, and so I tried to replicate the look to suit me. It made my outfit feel new, putting things together in this new combination. You know how sometimes outfits feel the same, because you wear them so often, in one way? But then you switch things up, pair up unlikely candidates and somehow it feels like you've added to your closet, when in fact no money was required to freshen things up. That is such a satisfying feeling. See my flickr page for details on what I'm wearing.

Leave a comment to let me know what you think of the combination. Do you think it works for fall? Would you try it? If you have or do try the look, send me the photo so I can see how it worked for you! Cheers.

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