Thursday, November 5, 2009

scrap crazy

I have to admit that it had been a couple of years since I sat down and did some serious scrapbooking. I've twittered away at Daisy's mini scrapbook now and then, but nothing like the past two days.

I've been bitten, bad. Two whole days spent scrappin' or shopping for more supplies! I have managed to complete all my grade twelve pictures (which is where I left off), including prom and graduation...zoom through the next couple of years onto College Graduation and now I've just finished last summer. Twenty three pages, completely done, it is really quite a satisfying thing to accomplish. So I am nearly up to date, which means I'll be looking for every opportunity to take pictures and have something to make a new page for.

Now, if you're not a scrapper yourself then you may not realize, but scrapbooking is an expensive hobby. Or it can be, if you go to Michael's and get caught up in all the fantabulous things you can buy to preserve your memories in prettier ways. But fear not! I can't afford to shop at Michael's without my trusty coupons, but I have found some wonderful items elsewhere at amazing prices.

For example, I went to the Dollarama and bought several packs of gorgeous lettering stickers, double alphabet for a dollar each. Compared to the $6.49 that Michael's would charge, its literally a steal of a deal. I got a box of sparkly cardboard letters, puppy paw stickers and pretty paper, all for a dollar. Other options for budget conscious scrapbook supplies are Wal-Mart, where the exact same products tend to be about two dollars cheaper than their competitors.

The best place to buy supplies and get the most value for your money, is most definitely Winners!! If you're considering starting your own memory keepsake album, I suggest you start there. You can get the most beautiful 12 x 12 albums for 8 dollars, less in the states I would suppose. I also picked up a lovely paper pack yesterday for five dollars, and it included more than seventy patterned and solid papers, beautiful lettering stickers, and pretty cut outs to frame pictures or journal areas. You couldn't get all that for less than forty dollars at Michael's.

Not surprisingly I've got to go back and work on some more pages. Creativity is just surging through my veins these days and I want to get these things done. Hope I've inspired you to start or get back into this wonderful hobby that will make your memories last a lifetime!


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