Sunday, November 15, 2009

french twist

I have always thought there was something so elegant about the french twist. Its like the perfect updo, and you can't see any unsightly elastics, pins or clips. I've tried it many times over the past ten years, with varying lengths of hair, and never once could I get it to work for me. I would buy hairstyle magazines and follow the directions to the 't', but to no avail. My hair would just unravel and fall down. On Sunday I solved the mystery of my failure. I had always used bobby pins, which apparently are very different from hair pins. As seen in the picture, hair pins are rounded and don't press shut firmly like a bobby pin.

Well...They worked like a charm! My hair was wet, I twisted it up, used these new 'hair pins' which I had bought and lo and behold, a french twist that lasted all day. I was so amazed I had to post about it. In case anyone else is wondering how to get their hairstyles to stay in place, and bobby pins aren't doing the trick...Go and buy some hair pins in your hair colour. They're magic I tell you. I'm probably going to have my hair up like this on a regular basis for the next little while, just because I am so enamoured with it. So here is a shot of how it looks when I do it (practice will make perfect, I'm sure).

Leave a comment on how you think it looks, or any tricks you might have to make french twists (or any great hairstyle) look good and stay in. Also, be sure to vote in the poll, and leave a comment on the November 12th post, to be entered into Daisy's Goodie Giveaway to win some free doggy stuff.


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