Sunday, November 1, 2009

Daisy Mondays in November

Right, so I've never denied that I am one of those slightly ridiculous people who 'love' their pets a crazy amount. Today is Daisy's second anniversary of being adopted from the local shelter! This dog has made my life so wonderful, and I love her so much that I simply must celebrate. Its completely true what they say about love an animal and you will receive it so much more in return.

Today is her Happy Adoption Day, and to celebrate I baked her delicious doggie treats, which coincidentally are both nutritious and cheap. Yay! That scottie cookie jar was a sale find at Winner's which Mum gave to her (daisy) last Christmas.

While I am not so crazy to throw her a party and invite her doggie pals, I am borderline...So I have done up little treat bags for her pals (a.k.a - my clients' dogs).

Because her adoption day is at the beginning of the month, and her birthday at the end, I've decided to do a wee bit of celebrating all month long. Every Monday's post will be dedicated to something dog related. Also, at the end of the month there will be a Daisy Goodie Giveaway, open to all of my blog readers. Keep posted for more info about the giveaway!


  1. From one 'crazy' dog person to another - what a fabulous idea to celebrate all month long! What a gorgeous pic of Daisy too - I think she might have posed for it!

  2. It was the last shot I took, she was being so fussy in the others, but for this one she finally sat down and gave me a good pose. I think she finds it rather tedious to be followed by a flashing thing.


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