Friday, June 18, 2010

perfect friday

Had the day off, and boy was I glad, it was perfectly sunny and enjoyably warm! The morning held a couple of errands which I ran on bike. I made this pink lemonade card to enter a contest on Paper Crafts. Info about the contest can be found here :

As you can see I stuck with the lemon theme I've been on all week. To really enjoy my day off, I picked up a couple of my favourite magazines to read whilst I sat in the shade, dipping my feet in Daisy's kiddie pool, while she daintily dipped her paws to cool off. I also made a light summer snack, Lemon Jello (yeah i bought store brand cause i'm cheap...sadly, they didn't have a light version). We also spent a delightful hour at the dog park, which I think has become my favourite place.

In the evening, after years of preparation, I finally went public with my singing & guitar playing. We had a talent show at church, and I signed up to do a couple of songs.

Playlist :

  • Meant for me by Jewel
  • All You Wanted by Michelle Branch
  • Good Mother by Jann Arden

Judging by the reception, I'd say years of practice worked off. I was uber nervous, and yet, so excited to finally have a chance to share my love of music with others. This pic was taken after the show once I was home and the nerves had disappeared.

All in all, I'd say today was a perfect Friday for me, and now I'm looking forward to the weekend. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. Be sure to check out this post : to enter for a chance to win a dazzling pair of LemonDrop LolliPop earrings from my Daisy*Kisses line of handmade jewelry!!



  1. can you record and youtube your performances?? love your song choices! you are like, the best.

  2. Hahaha no way am I putting my singing/guitar playing on youtube gf. You'll just have to come see me in the flesh.

  3. Great playlist! I love Michelle Branch. I've forgotten about my guitar forever. I may have to bring it back out again thanks to you :)

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