Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Midweek Musings

I'm trying to post regularly, so I can get myself back into the blogging habit. Granted, everyday life does not always seem post-worthy, and it is rarely accompanied by photos. But there are a few things I should very much like to share with my readers.

First off, I received an exciting parcel on Monday afternoon, and inside was such a treasure. I had custom ordered a pair of earrings from a fellow Etsy seller, a Canadian to boot, and they had just arrived. Had I been thinking, I might have taken pictures of the cute packaging, but I was so eager, I simply dove right in.

Inside were my earrings, the sweet wire wrapped pair I had been checking the mailbox for everyday since I bought them.

Simply amazing aren't they? Giddy as I was to try these on, to my surprise and further excitement, Joella had included a second pair of earrings completely free as a thank you gift!!! They are gorgeous gold and turquoise dangles, and I will post a picture soon. She has been so sweet, and her work inspires me. I want you all to check out her shop right now and click favourites, I promise you won't be disappointed by her wonderful handmade designs. I already know I'll be shopping with her again soon.

Also, tonight was our last Young Womens activity before summer break, so we had a little party for the girls at church. My friend ordered gourmet cupcakes from The Cake Box, and I made yummy fruit-kabobs with Marshmallows included. I also helped the girls create their own monogrammed door hangers. Mine is shown there at the top. I simply printed out large letters for each girls name, cut out the letter from coloured cardstock, and then glued that onto a 6 by 6 inch cardboard square which I had modge podged patterned paper onto. Add some pretty ribbon with little brads, and voila, a cute, easy paper craft!

Hope everyone's weeks are going well. Leave me a comment and let me know. Don't forget to check out Joella's shop!

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